Starting October 15, 2018, Deer Lake will be collecting Organics, Recyclables and Garbage right at your curbside!

We will operate on a three-stream curbside collection scheme:

  1. Organic waste should be put out in your green organics collection cart, which is collected weekly.
  2. Recyclables will be collected in transparent blue bags, collected every other week.
  3. Garbage has to be put out in clear bags in your garbage collection cart, collected every other week.

Organics can be put out at the curb every week. Recyclables and garbage are being collected on alternate weeks. This gives following collection schedule:

Week 1: Organics & Recycling
Week 2: Organics & Garbage

This means that one week, you’ll put the organics cart and blue recycling bags at the curb; the next week, the organics cart and garbage cart.

The Town of Deer Lake has a calendar available for download here. Consult this calendar to find out exactly on what day what waste is collected, what goes in which bin and more information on the program.

Too good to waste!

Deer Lake is a piece of paradise and we need to preserve this beautiful place for ourselves and generations to come. In compliance with the Provincial Waste Management Strategy, Deer Lake is joining the recycling and composting movement!

Starting October 15, 2018, we will operate on the dual-stream curbside collection scheme implemented by Western Regional Waste Management. Recyclables will be collected in transparent blue bags, while garbage will be put out in clear bags. These garbage bags may be placed in your collection cart. For your own privacy, two small non-transparent bags may be placed inside each clear bag.

On that same day, Deer Lake starts a community compost program in order to divert more waste from landfill and lower the taxpayers’ cost. Organic waste should be put out in your green organics collection cart on your scheduled collection day. Your organics cart can be lined with 100% compostable bin liners, paper towel or newspaper.

In a survey conducted in Deer Lake during May and June 2018, residents reported what their weekly household waste was composed of. With 35%, organics definitely is the main stream of waste generated in our Town. Organic waste can be easily composted in your backyard, or you can put your organics out on the curb in your green organics collection cart. Paper and cardboard, together with recyclable containers, can be put out on the curb in blue transparent bags. Find here what is recyclable in this program.

As we will collect organics and recyclables separately, this will heavily reduce the amount of other garbage put out on the curb. It is for that reason that we collect organics weekly, and recyclables and garbage every alternate week. This scheme also significantly reduces the costs of collection. So, a win-win-win situation: for you, our community and our environment!

If the entire Town recycles and composts at their very best, only 14% of our waste will end up in landfill. Time to take the trash out b’ys!


Know before you throw!

Consult the waste sorting guide of WRWM to see what is recyclable and what goes in the garbage. Still trouble with knowing whether that light bulb or plastic flower pot could find a second life? Find out via this useful tool how to properly dispose of your waste:

Alert! There are compost bins available at Town Office at a reduced price of $22. Come pick up yours together with the information guide on how to start backyard composting!