Young Pasadena residents Hannah and Cali are excited to start recycling in the new Sort-It Western initiative. The girls decided to give us a rundown on how to recycle properly. Watch and learn!


Within the blue bag program, mixed paper and mixed containers are suitable for recycling. Paper and cardboard make up over 30% of all the waste we currently generate. Paper, metal and plastic containers make up about 23% of our waste stream. That means you can get over 50% of your waste kept from landfill and sent off to a new purpose!

Mixed paper consists of paper, boxboard and cardboard. Mixed containers mean paper containers, metal containers and plastic containers. WRWM has a sorting guide availableFollow this link to see what is recyclable and what goes in the garbage. All containers must be emptied, rinsed, and wiped. If you put out more than one bag, please be encouraged to put paper in one bag and containers in the other to avoid contamination.

Still not sure whether that light bulb or plastic flower pot could find a second life? Find out via this useful link on how to properly dispose of your waste:

Did you know… that your smoothies, iced coffees and other cold beverages from Tim Hortons or McDonalds are recyclable too? Make sure they find their way to the blue bag!

Did you know… that each ton of paper and cardboard that is recycled saves 19 trees, 4000-kilowatt hours of energy, and 29,000 litres of water.

So what about my deposit refund?

Please continue returning your recyclable beverage containers to Sedler Green Depot. This is the only way to get a deposit back.

Don’t forget: the less we put out on the curb, the less we will need to pay to transport it! Sedler’s employees reminded us that there is a list of organizations you can donate your recyclables to, like the schools, churches and sports programs. Way to support your community!


So what about glass (beverage) containers?

Glass containers are not included in the curbside pick-up scheme. Please return your glass beverage containers to Sedler Green Depot for recycling.

Sedler Green Depot
32 Reid’s Lane, Deer Lake, A8A 2A2
(709) 635-3110

Did you know… that beverage containers can be recycled into fleeces, blankets and even sleeping bags? Staying warm with a conscience!