The latest test of the Deer Lake water supply has again indicated excellent results. The water is tested daily by Town staff and weekly and quarterly by Service NL, which results in a Drinking Water Quality Index ranking that in recent years has usually graded as “excellent.” The only issue raised in this testing has been the color of the water, about which the report states “The perceived water quality may be lower due to the exceedance of the following aesthetic parameters in your last tap sample: Color.”


Other water samples test for Haloasetic acids (HAAs) and THMs, which are “Trihalomethanes,” chemical compounds in which three of the four hydrogen atoms of methane are replaced by halogen atoms. Other elements surveyed as part of the water tests are the hardness, the pH level, and the levels of chemicals such as boron, bromide, calcium, chloride, and sodium which are present in the water supply. This information is available at the provincial government web site, on the water resources portal, which can be found at this link: