Businesspeople and members of the general public are invited to a pair of meetings today, Tuesday, March 20, aimed at enhancing the Town’s readiness for economic development. This is a joint initiative between the towns of Deer Lake and Reidville. The meeting for Deer Lake residents is set for 3 pm at the Town Office, while Reidville’s meeting will start at 9 am. These sessions will revisit the findings from the initial meeting, held on November 1, 2017. Later Tuesday evening at 7 pm, there will be a joint meeting inviting residents from both communities to discuss the possibility of a shared project between the two communities. This meeting will also be held at the Deer Lake Town Office at 34 Reid’s Lane. For more information, contact Damon Clarke, Economic Development Officer for the Town of Deer Lake, at 709-635-0165.

A draft report from a pilot project designed to assess the community economic development opportunities for Deer Lake and Reidville is available. The Deer Lake report, which details the findings from public meetings held in both communities last November, can be found here. The key findings for Deer Lake can be found on Pages 27-28. These findings will be discussed at a follow up meeting planned for March 20 at 3 pm at the Town Office at 34 Reid’s Lane. The 3 pm meeting will be followed by a joint Deer Lake-Reidville session starting at 7 pm. The November meeting in Deer Lake attracted some 20 people. The March 20 meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. To read the report, please click here.