The Deer Lake area has been home to an active arts and culture scene for many years. There is a local organization, the Page One group, which serves as a cultural beacon for the area. Formed in 1987, Page One has hosted writers, artists and musicians from all walks of life, of all ages, and at various stages of their careers, as they participate in meetings, readings, publications and other activities. PageOneAt festivals and during the annual Summer Voices events, Page One holds special events for people of all ages. These include Pictures & Words: Artists and Authors present their work; Open Mic to share the talents of writers and musicians; Sounds of Youth; Waves and Words and drama workshops for young people.


Page One Logo – Cabit
  You can also check out the Deer Lake Area Heritage Facebook page. The town has a museum and craft shop, the Roy Whalen Museum and Valley Crafts. Finally, the Town’s culture and heritage is proudly promoted at the Deer Lake Public Library.